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USA Rugby logo Rugby Virginia is a registered nonprofit tax exempt §501(c)(3) organization and §509(a)(2) public charity.
Rugby Virginia is the primary development vehicle for youth and high school rugby
within the Commonwealth of Virginia and a USA Rugby Level 3 State Based Rugby Organization (SBRO).

Rugby Virginia - Dedicated to the Development of High School and Youth Rugby in Virginia

Start a Rugby Club

Starting a Rugby Club at your High School


  • Teach Rugby
  • Create a safe positive program
  • Showcase rugby to the community

Steps to Start a HS Team

  • Present an organized plan to the Activities/Athletics Director (AD)
  • Apply for club status and secure a teacher advisor to help monitor the program
  • Show the league structure the club would compete in
  • Show the AD the number of players that want to play rugby
  • Recruit players: Show videos, have pizza parties, put up posters, advertise
  • Secure support from a local men's club (s) or local college team for clinics

Points to be stressed to the AD

  • Rugby is a global and popular sport of athletes
  • Camaraderie and respect for players and referees
  • Low costs to start a program.  Rugby is less expensive than major sports
  • Benefits it can bring to other sports
  • Increased student participation in athletics

Motivating Students to Play

  • Play a rugby video at lunchtime in a popular student hangout
  • Promote rugby to wrestlers and football players as an exciting springtime sport


  • Charge players a small fee
  • Donations
  • Sell merchandise
  • Sell ad space in yearbook

Getting Parents Involved

  • Encourage parents to see games
  • Explain sportsmanship and sideline behavior
  • Teach the game
  • Delegate responsibilities to parents and coaches: fundraising, alumni contacts, yearbook, home game cookouts, snacks, etc.